Listen To 230 ft organ in Croatia that uses the sea to beautiful music

In the coastal city of Zadar, Croatia, a series of large marble steps descend into the Adriatic Sea. Pedestrians can stroll across the 230-foot sea-organ harnesses the energy of the winds and waters of the sea to create random but soothing and harmonized notes. The sea-organ, or “morske orgulje” as it’s know in Croatian, was designed by Croatian architect Nikola Basic and opened to the public in 2005.


Water and wind enter through holes at the bottom of the steps, where they are channeled into resonating chambers. The sounds from these chambers exit through holes along the highest steps. Each of the pipes is tuned to different musical chords. The sea and the wind blow air through the pipes, which comes out through whistle openings on the sidewalk.

Producing sounds a lot like those of a whale, the sea organ has become a popular lunch spot for locals and tourists since it was built in 2005, a calming place at which to appreciate the majesty of nature. The organ is a significant improvement to the Zadar coastline in Croatia, which was previously a long line of concrete having been bombed during World War II.