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The story behind the domain name is intriguing, as a community of people looking for search engine DuckDuckGo has found another search engine instead. Google. While the search engine giant owns the domain name fair and square, the decision to point the domain at its search engine had nothing to do with people looking for the Aflac mascot and appears that they’d like to grab attention away from upstart DuckDuckGo.

Here’s what founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo Gabriel Weinberg had to say about the confusion in response to a post on the DuckDuckGo community site, which sits at

Yes, came as an asset in the unrelated On2 acquisition (On2 used to be known as Duck Corp). But it just sat there (pointing to this Duck Corporation history page) for a long time.

I first inquired about it on 11/4/09. After several attempts, I got back a response “from management” on 3/25/10 that they didn’t want to sell it. Understandable.

Now points to a Google explanation page about the On2 acquisition, yet points directly to Google search.

Google owns lots of domains that don’t point anywhere, or not to their main search page. That means there was an affirmative decision somewhere along the line to redirect that particular domain to their search product.

Moreover, Google owns another domain that is Checkout the below link