Apple Keeps Turning Bluetooth On When You Update iOS

Apple’s iOS software updates trickle out to millions upon millions of iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices following each release. And as those millions of devices are updated every few months, a healthy portion of users wonder the same thing: “Why the heck do iOS updates keep turning Bluetooth on?”

Bluetooth is turned back on with each update because Apple needs Bluetooth for its iBeacon solution. It’s a critical piece, “Without Bluetooth, iBeacons won’t work.” The 7.1 iOS makes a big push in what iBeacon can do, but Bluetooth has to be turned on.”

Apple’s iBeacon technology allows retailers and anyone else to use base stations that broadcast signals to Apple devices running iOS 7 or iOS 7.1. When the signals are registered by people’s iPhones and iPads, apps with iBeacon enabled can respond—even if they’re closed, in some cases. This might pop up a coupon on your screen when you enter a retail store, for example. It might also help retailers collect crucial data on their customers.But it works only if Bluetooth is enabled.