Y2K didn't cause many problems, but an internet virus did

Remember the Y2K scare thing back in that year?? Most of us think that will be the end of the world.But that virus made a huge impact all over the world..
It damaged all 'jpeg' and 'mpg' files on computers all over the world. It was traced back to a guy in the Phillipines. The name of the virus was? I love you & I love you virus or love bug. The writer of the virus was never convicted, because 'the law didn't allow it' in the Phillipines.

The worm originated near Manila in the Philippines on May 5, 2000 local time and to thereafter have spread westward across the world, moving first to Hong Kong, then to Europe, and finally the US as people reported to their offices that Friday morning. The outbreak was later estimated to have caused US $5.5 billion in damages worldwide. Already ten days later 50 million infections had been reported. Most of the damage cited was the time and effort spent getting rid of the infection and recovering damaged files from backups. To protect themselves, The Pentagon, CIA, the British Parliament, and most large corporations were forced to completely shut down their mail systems.