Rajnikanth website runs without internet

Rajinikanth, is an Indian film actor, media personality, and cultural icon.
A new website dedicated to the superstar runs 'without an internet connection'!
Visitors to www.allaboutrajni.com are greeted with a warning that "He is no ordinary man, this is no ordinary website. It runs on Rajini Power" and are advised to switch off their internet connection to enter the website.

How this work without Internet

This common question must arise on your mind, How this is working without internet connection. but The answer is very simple, This website using a flash file or a flash website. At the time of accessing this website you need to have a internet connection, whenever this flash file download completely on your browser, a script check that you are connected to Internet or not. If you are connected to Internet then it will so home Page only, and as you disconnect you internet connection, it will show you all menus of this site. The Flash file used by this website is http://images.desimartini.com/allaboutrajni/Design.swf